After the success of BCS Power Weeder company launched their new product Series with a brand name of GRATIA. The main feature of Gratia Rotary Tiller are its light weight with easy controls so that farmers can use this machine for any type of field work without any problem. In Gratia Rotary Tiller there is no power loss due to direct power transmission thru gearbox without any chain or belt system.

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Technical features

Specification Model Gratia 105 Model Gratia 135 Model Gratia 80 Model Gratia 100
Engine 6.0 Hp, Diesel (Air Cooled) 9.0 HP Diesel (Air Cooled) 5.5 Hp, Honda Petrol (Air Cooled) 6.5 HP, Honda Petrol (Air Cooled)
Starting System RecoilRecoilRecoilRecoil
Gears 2 Forward/1 Reverse2 Forward/1 Reverse2 Forward/1 Reverse2 Forward/1 Reverse
Wheel Size 4 x 84 x 83.5 x 64 x 8
Power Transmission Thru Gear BoxThru Gear BoxThru BeltThru Gear Box
Overall Weight, Kgs 1051207075
Rotavator Width,cm 105 (adjustable)135 (adjustable)80 (adjustable)100 (adjustable)

Special Features

  • Easy to control due to adjustable handle bar.
  • Without Belt or Chain.
  • Direct PTO through gear box.
  • No Power Loss.
  • Maintenance Free.
  • Light Weight.
  • Easy to use.
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