MC 740

This Power Weeder of BCS is one of the finest and unique in its kind. This machine is very accepted by the farmer for its use in inter-culture Operations, Orchards, Vegetable Farming, Wine Yards and Basic Field Preparation especially in hilly areas. Sprayer attachment can also fitted to the same machine. This extra-ordinary machine can be used with various agriculture implements like Rotavator, Cultivator, Ridger, Potato digger, Seed Drill, Cutter Bar, Lawn Mover, Snow Thrower etc, that too in variable sizes as per customer requirement.

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Technical features

  • Engine: 11 HP Petrol (HONDA)/ 10 hp diesel (Air Cooled)
  • Starting System:  Recoil
  • Gears:   4 Forward & 3 Reverse
  • P.T.O.:  990rpm
  • Wheel Size:   4.0x10.0 inches
  • Width of Rotavator:   80 cms
  • Over All Weight   149 kgs / 169 kgs

Special features

  • No use of Belt or chain for Power Transmission.
  • Direct PTO through gear box
  • More Efficient and maintenance free
  • Light Weight and easy to use
  • Women Friendly


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Other models that may interest you

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