Tractor Mounted Reaper-Binder

"A tractor is of no use without implements” – draws our attention towards the fact that not all the tractors sold can be solely put to the use of transporting farm produce by attaching a trolley, but opportunities are opening up for tractor-drawn farm implements and other equipment. With the shortage of farm labour and rising costs, there are many who seek that tractors should not only help to perform basic farm tasks but also adapt implements that enable tractors to perform the task of harvester. In order to support farm mechanisation by optimal use of the inputs on the field and never ending demand of the farmers BCS took the opportunity to adapt the Reaper Binder concept to the tractor and hence a new product was conceived “Tractor operated rear-mounted Reaper binder” in 2014. This was a win-win solution for BCS and especially the farmer as they could use the reaper binder machine with the tractor which is very familiar and easy to operate.

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Technical features

  • Functions:  Harvesting and Binding of Grain crops in a single operation
  • Crops:  Wheat, Paddy and other grain crops having Height 85cm to 110cm
  • Field Capacity:  1 Acre / Hour
  • Tractor:  30 hp or above
  • Cutting Width:  1.22 Meter (4 feet)
  • Height of Cut:  3 cm to 5cm

Special Features

  • Ease of operation tractor driven by PTO
  • Easy lifting & movement by hydraulic lift
  • Conveying mechanism for bundle discharge

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