Rotex R-5 Conditioner

The Rotex conditioning is done by crushing and fragmenting the plant,s stem in order to dry at the same time as the leaf, therefore reduce drying times by over 50% and reduce the exposure of Forage to climatic risks. The nutritional characteristics of the crop also remains unchanged.

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Technical features

  • Types of Crops: Lucern , barseem & alfa –alfa or other fodder crops
  • Number of Discs:  5
  • Cutting Width Cm.:  210
  • Width of conditioning Cm.:  140
  • Transmission With Gears:  Yes
  • Wear-resistant Steel Skides:  Yes
  • Hydraulic Lift of The Cutter Bar:  Yes
  • Moving Angle: High 35 deg. Low 35 deg.
  • PTO Power (hp):   60 HP or above
  • Weight Kg.:  605

Special Features

  • The Roller Conditioning is done by crushing and fragmenting the plant’s stem in order to dry at the same time as the leaf.
  • Tractor PTO Operated:  Easily operated by tractor PTO (45 hp or above)
  • Sharp Cutting :  With 5 Discs with 10 Helical Cutting Blades
  • Two Cones Conveyers:  Works to make pathway for cutting fodder crops.
  • Hydraulic Lifting:  To lift the cutting bar during transportation & turning in field.
  • Beam Balancing Springs:  To balance the machine during the cutting operation
  • Special wear - proof slides :  To protect the housing of cutting bar and discs at the time of operations

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